Video Verification


Never have a false alarm again! This system will guarantee against all false alarms that may come from your burglar alarm system. With video verification, we are able to verify the alarm through your camera system.

On August 16, 2011, the Detroit Police Department announced that it would no longer dispatch officers to investigate a burglar alarm unless an occupant or the alarm company verified an actual break-in. The implications of this announcement were critical for anyone living in or working in Detroit. Residents and business owners must have a security system that can provide real-time verification of a burglary to ensure a police response. SCP is one of the only companies that can offer this.

By coupling your alarm system with cameras, our SCP agents can react to any situation. After your alarm is triggered, we log in and monitor your cameras, verifying the alarm is for an intruder rather than accidentally tripped.SCP can then make a dispatch to the proper authorities giving them specific instructions and details of the burglary in progress. We provide information such as description and number of intruders, where they are and have moved in the building, and the exact action that is being committed. This elevates the urgency of the dispatch to the authorities.

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Our company has been providing video verification in Detroit for years before the announcement by the Detroit Police Department and has everything residents and business owners need to comply with the city’s requirements. In fact, back in 2011, SCP worked closely with the Detroit Police Department for weeks before the announcement to make sure the department was fully supportive of the solution we are offering.  Contact SCP to find out how affordable this system is.

No more false alarms

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