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SCP has been locally operated in the Metro Detroit area since 1984. We specialize and install burglary & fire alarm systems, home automation systems, surveillance systems, phone systems, intercom/sound systems, and access control systems. Our central station is located right here in Michigan providing local jobs for local people. We provide our own monitoring, installation, and service. We use the most sophisticated state of the art technology in the industry to monitor your home or business so that you can count on the fastest response possible.

We have multiple sites and generators to ensure that in case of a disaster, our central station will continue to operate. Our local site is in Oak Park. but we have an additional backup monitoring station in Bay City, MI.

SCP can also customize a home automation system to fit your needs when you are on the run. We are a one stop shop for all your security needs. Our innovation and technology sets us apart from the rest. Control lights, temperature, cameras, and much more right at your fingertips using your smartphone or remote computer. 

SCP provides video verification for our alarm systems which is especially important for our Detroit clients since it is now required by the Detroit Police Department as of August 16, 2011. This service allows us to verify actual burglaries in progress and give full detail to the dispatcher. We have also developed a security service for our business customers that is unmatched by any conventional burglary alarm system. Video Security Monitoring (VSM), is the newest and most efficient way of providing security. It is like having a digital guard on site every time you close your business.  


SCP is a family owned company that got its start in electronics. Before security systems, my father began his electronics career fixing televisions in the back of an old shop in Taylor, MI. Since he was young, he had an extensive background fixing all kinds of electronics. When TVs became more reliable and less likely to need repair, he decided that it was time to find a new electronics field to work in. He installed his first security system in 1984 and opened up his own central station. It was a slow beginning, installing only a couple alarms a month. Referrals began to come in as word of mouth grew. Eventually his client base expanded and serviced thousands of homes and businesses in Michigan. 

Here at SCP, we believe that customer service is the number one priority in any business. That is why you will have a live operator answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because SCP believes that customers deserve a personalized relationship with their security company. SCP has multiple representatives ready to work with you instantly.  

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